Roll of Honour: 1970-75

The riders table below is not complete. The winner and runner up are correct and it contains a selection of people who rode winners during the year. We hope in time to be able to complete the table.
22    C. Vaughan,
10    W.A. McLernon, W.E. Rooney
6      Helen Bryce-Smyth
5      R. Crawford, J. Flynn, L. Hayes, M. Hickey, J. Kenny, I. Williams
4      M. Berry, F. Fitzimons, Mrs H. Ferris, J. Fowler, T.A. Jones, E. Rice, Rosemary Stewart
3      W.P. Browne, P. Lordan, J.J. Murphy, J. O’Riordan, C. Ross
2      D. Bermingham, B.D. Byrne, A. Kavanagh, R. Martin, Miss J Moore, D.J. Moorhead, V. O’Brien, A.O’Connell,
1      E.J. Cash, W. Cash, P.J. Casserly, J. Dreaper, D. Hassett, J. Hassett, C.D. Hill,  R. Filgate, J.E. Kiely, D. McDonagh, A.J. Maxwell,  M. Morris, B. O’Brien, D. O’Byrne, T. O’Callaghan, W.J. Vance, V. Wilson, T. Walsh

• 2nd February at Killossera began the season with the final fixture on Sunday 24th May at Mallow racecourse.
• This was C. Vaughan’s third title and was the beginning of three more on the trot. 23 was a record equaling number of winners too.
• M. Morris gets among the winners. He later enjoyed much success in the plate and as a trainer with such pointing graduates as His Song and Boss Doyle

The riders table below is not complete. The winner and runner up are correct and it contains a selection of people who rode winners during the year. We hope in time to be able to complete the table.
17    C. Vaughan
13    I. Williams
12    W.E. Rooney
9      L.Hayes
8      Helen Bryce-Smyth, J.Kenny
7      M.Morris, J.O’Keeffe
6      W.P. Browne, R. Martin, J.L. Rothwell
5      F. Fitzimons, W.A. McLernon, R. Nicholson, T. O’Callaghan, Rosemary Stewart
4      Mrs H Ferris, D.K. Weld
3      J. Cash, W. Cash, M. Hickey, T.A. Jones
2      M. Berry, M. Lowry, B. Murphy
1      B.D. Byrne, T. Byrne, P.J. Casserly, I. Ferguson, J. Fowler, Dr J F Gillespie, P.P. Hogan,  I.J. Keeling, J. Mernagh, A.J. McNamara, E. O’Grady, R. Steele, T.M. Walsh, V. Wilson

• Wednesday 10th February at Tallow began the season at West Waterfords fixture
• The final fixture was on Wednesday 12th May United Foxhounds at Bartlemy
• Another title for C.Vaughan the fourth in total four clear of I.Williams
• P.P. Hogan enters the winners enclosure as a rider for the final time but training successes would ensure plenty of reason to be back to the enclosure. He had already enjoyed much success as a rider at this stage and had been Champion inside the rails on five occasions since 1942
• T.A. Jones hits the list for the first time. A brother in law of trainer Arthur Moore he was a leading amateur who rode Gay Future at Cartmel in the famous gamble remembered in the film Murphy’s Stroke.
• P.J. Casserly also gets among the winners and goes on to take the ’74 title.
• On Sunday 21st February at Punchestown Garavogue won by ten lengths. Owned by Mr Jos McGrath. However he wasa first winner for a certain D.K. Weld. Weld rode successfully as an amateur but his success as a trainer with Vintage Crop Media Puzzle, Go and Go &Zagreb among endless others has made him one of the most respescted racehorse trainers in the world.


The riders table below is not complete. The winner and runner up are correct and it contains a selection of people who rode winners during the year. We hope in time to be able to complete the table.
24    C. Vaughan
18    J. O’Keeffe
13    W.A. McLernon, W.E. Rooney,
9      M.Morris
7      Rosemary Stewart,
6      R. Barry
5      Helen Bryce-Smyth, P.J. Casserly
4      T.D. Osborne
3      N. Dee, F. Fitzimons, J. Fowler, W. Halley, Miss S Hogan, C. Ross
2      D. McDonagh, D. Murphy, T. O’Callaghan, P. O’Hanlon, M. Riordan, T.M. Walsh
1      A. Broad, I. Ferguson, D. Hassett, T.A. Jones, J.E. Kiely, R. Martin, D.W. McAuley, D. O’Brien, Miss H. O’Callaghan, J.J. Mangan, W. Patton, J. Rothwell, G. Stewart, P.J. Stokes, Capt S H Walford

• The third of three titles in a row for C.Vaughan with a new record of 24 winners in a season.
• The season began again at Killossera on Sunday 6th February amd finished on Wednesday 17th May at the United fixture held at Bartlemy
• Nicky Dee rode his first winner on Double ‘Em by half a length on Sunday 9th April at Ballindenisk. 196 more would follow.
• G. Stewart enters the list. A top show jumper he then went on to train pointers and has produced many fine types including English National winner Bindaree
• Jimmy Mangan rode the first of his 83 winners between the flags in ‘72
• Co Clare trainer Donie Hassett also got off the mark in ’72 and went on to ride 47 winners in points
• D. McDonagh rode his first winners between the flags. His career as a rider was successful and as a trainer also with horses such as Monksfield. He married Helen Bryce-Smyth and their son Declan is now retained by Kevin Prendergast as a flat jockey
• 1972 saw Willie Rooney ride his final winner an astonishing fifty years after it began in 1922. A stroke forced him into retirement with a grand total and record of 401 winners which stood until Enda Bolger bypassed it in the late nineties.

The riders table below is not complete. The winner and runner up are correct and it contains a selection of people who rode winners during the year. We hope in time to be able to complete the table.
19    J. O’Keeffe
18    P.J. Casserly
16    W.E. Rooney
8      N. Dee, A. Ross
7      R. Barry, M. Lowry, C. Vaughan
6      T.A. Jones, T. O’Callaghan
5      J. Flynn, J. Fowler, W.A. McLernon, B. Murphy, P. O’Hanlon
4      I.J. Keeling
3      Miss H Callaghan, J. Kenny, T.J. Kinane, C. McKeever, M. Morris, C. Ross, I. Williams
2      J. Eddery, I Ferguson, D. Hassett, C.D. Hill, M. Flynn, P. O’Callaghan, J. Rothwell, Rosemary Stewart, T.Walsh,
1      J. Codd, J. Costello, M .Dorman, D. Foster, A.D. Evans, W.M. Halley, Miss S Hogan, J.E. Kiely, J. Kilfeather, I. Kingston, D. Kenneally, J. Magee,  A.J. McNamara, P.G. Molony, J. Morgan,  D. O’Brien, J.O’Callaghan, A. O’Connell,

• Killossera was again the opening fixture on Sunday 4th February.
• The final fixture was on Wednesday 16th May at the United fixture at Bartlemy
• James O’Keeffe was a new name on the top award. Nineteen winners left him one in front of P.J.Casserly with Willie Rooney a further two adrift.
• Nicky Dee was beginning to shine with a good haul of 8 winners
• B. Murphy shows up with five winners and before going on to put the Dunrave Hotel on the map he managed 56 winners
• Olympic rider D. Foster also took a winner. He was later tragically killed in a riding accident.
• Miss S Hogan ensures the Hogan name would stay on the riders table a little after her father P.P. had retired.
• J. O’Callaghan took his first winner on the way to a final total of 65
• T.J. Kinane also got off the mark in ’73 and he went on to take the ’79 title. 



20    P.J. Casserly
16    T. O’Callaghan
12    M.Lowry
10    N. Dee, T.M. Walsh,
7      R. Barry, Ann Ferris
6      M.Furlong, L.Hayes, B.Murphy,
5      T. Baker, M. Doyle, J.Flynn,
4      J.W. Curtin, J.R. Fowler, T.A. Jones, T. O’Brien, A. Ross,
3      R. Crawford, P. Gavin, Mrs D McDonagh, R. Nicholson, B. O’Keeffe, J. Quinn, D. Redmond, S. Regan, C.Ross,
2      Mrs C Bishop, T. Busteed, M. Coleman, M.J. Cooke, Mrs L Cooper, H. De Burgh, Mrs Earle, W. Elliott, A. Evans, F. Fitzimons, R. Foley, Mrs M Goodbody, W.M. Halley, L. Hayes, J. Heelan, T. Hogan, D. Jackson, I.J. Keeling, P. Lordan, C.P. Magnier, M. Morris, J. Nicholson, T.D. Osborne, R. Patton, J.W. Porter, E. Rice, M.N. Riordan, D. Rohan, J.F. Sleator, Mrs J Spring, T.F. Walsh, W. Codd, 
1      W. Allen, R. Armstrong, M. Berry, Miss C Bowden, B.D. Byrne, A. Buller, D. Cantillon, M. Cash, R. Collins, M. Coleman, M. Conheady, Mrs J.R. Cox, C. Deacon, G. Crolly, J. Crothers, J. Coughlan, J. Dillon, T. De Wrixon, B. Donohue, Patrick Doyle, J. Duff, B. Dunning, G. Dougan, P. Doyle, P. Fanning, I. Ferguson, Mrs H Ferris, Mrs F. Fitzgibons, D. Foster, D. Hassett, J. Heelan, N. Horgan, M. Keane, J. Kenny, R. Kidd, D. Law, J. Love, R. Lowry,  C.F.R. Minnis, J. Mernagh, W. McAleese, Una McCarthy, J. McCran, Mrs P McDonald-Robinson,  I. McGreevy, D.C. Law, F. McLean, W.A. McLernon, P. McLernon, A.J .McNamara, J. McNeill,  D.P. McNeilly,  A. Murdoch, V.P. O’Brien, J.P. O’Dwyer, M. O’Dwyer, H. O’Neill, J.A. O’Neill, T. Phelan, C. Powell-Harris, J. Purcell-O’Dwyer, J. Queally, Mrs S Reeves-Smyth, A.G. Ryan, J.S. Rahan, D. Shillington, W.R. Smith, G. Stewart, C. Trainer, R.S. Townsend, J.A.M. Tynan, M. Wheeler, M. White, I. Williams C. Vaughan.

• Champion in ’74 was Abbeyleix based P.J.Casserly. 20 winners saw him 4 clear of T.O’Callaghan who had burst onto the scene
• There were plenty of interesting new names on the ’74 list including
• T. Busteed(produced  Keen Leader among countless top horses)
• C.P. Magnier (rode 63 winners and enjoyed much success on the track including aboard Double Default)
• J.F. Sleator (Ulster champion ’84 & Leinster title winner ’85. Rode 149 winners between the flags)
• A. Buller Owned and Rode Yorrick to take Farmers Chase at Loughbrickland. Scarvagh Stud has since blossomed under Alfie.
• W A (Bill) McLernon had his last ride in 1974.

The riders table below is not complete. The winner and runner up are correct and it contains a selection of people who rode winners during the year. We hope in time to be able to complete the table.
13    L. Hayes
11    T.M. Walsh, N. Dee
9      I.J. Keeling
8      C.P. Magnier, T. O’Callaghan
6      R. Barry, G. Newman
5      Ann Ferris, Mrs H Ferris, R. Martin, R. Nicholson
4      P.J. Casserly, J.R. Fowler, W.M. Halley, P.J. Healy, J. O’Callaghan, J. Queally
3      A. Evans, J.J. Mangan
2      B. Dougan, F. Fitzimons, D. Hassett, Mrs G Hogan, T.A. Jones, B. Murphy, C. Ross
1      T. Busteed, P. Fanning, N. Madden, A.J. McNamara, J. Mulhern, A. Murdoch, H. O’Callaghan, M. Riordan,  W.J. Vance, C. Vaughan

• L. Hayes took the ’75 title with a score of just 13 among a total of 78 winners he rode in total. He finished two clear of two top pointing riders in Nicky Dee and Ted Walsh.
• G. Newman made a big impact with six winners in his first season on the list. He would later enjoy much success on horses such as Chinrullah
• A first winner for Niall Madden when Mrs Mary Maddens Losheran Lad took a novice riders race at the Tipperary Foxhounds fixture at Tipperary Racecourse on Sunday 13th April. Niall would later go on to be a top amateur and then professional.
• J. Mulhern also got amongst the winners in’75. Horses such as Flashing Steel, Buckboard Bounce & Wolf of Badenoch were to give him much success as a trainer.


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