Track info

County: Wexford

Soil Type: Brown Podzolic - coarse, loamy, sandy

Fences per circuit: 5

Fences per 3 mile race: 15

Direction: Left-Handed

Course Distance: 0.98

Elevation Change (Highest to Lowest Point):


A brand new course to the point-to-point calendar in January 2020, it is situated in the heart of Wexford point-to-point racing, taking place on the lands of handler Matthew Flynn O`Connor, close to fellow handlers Colin Bowe, and the Doyle brothers Cormac, Donnchadh and Sean.

The course itself is a left handed track and the runners will go downhill for a furlong and a half before it levels out. There is a gentle rise to the line.

In all it is a mile around on each circuit with fives fences. Three of the fences are jumped in the home straight, and all of them come before the winning post. There is another fence at top of the course and the fifth fence is in the back straight.