Dowth Hall

Track info

County: Meath

Soil Type: Alluvial Gleys - silty

Fences per circuit: 5

Fences per 3 mile race: 16

Direction: Left-Handed

Course Distance: 0.95m

Elevation Change (Highest to Lowest Point):


Situated in a 420-acre estate on the banks of the River Boyne, Dowth Hall is a new addition to the fixture list from 2015 and it consists of three straights of varying lengths, with five fences jumped on each circuit.

Beginning midway down the straight which runs along the side of the course, there is a short run to quite a tight home bend, after which the field quickly come up on the opening fence which is jumped four times - being the final obstacle on the last occasion. A very steep climb now faces them in the short home straight to the highest point of the course, from where they turn left-handed into the back straight, which is the longest of the three straights, albeit with a near constant curve in it.

There is a slight banking along this part of the course as they run along the far extreme of the field on the longest run without a fence to be jumped on the course. Fence two awaits midway down this straight, with a further obstacle, fence three, to be jumped before turning once again.

There is a steady descent from that third fence around this bend before straightening up for fences four and five which come up along this part of the course and sit on either side of their starting point. The latter fence is the penultimate obstacle on the final circuit, and this part of the course is crucial to handle in the closing stages, as the field must round a sharp home bend, quickly arrive at the last, before facing a short run-in.


Dowth Hall is quite a tight track and they can go very quick around there which really seems to suit a front-running type of a horse. It is very hard to make up ground from in behind, as things happen quick and you will often find that a horse can get away from the front.

You are constantly turning and jumping, so it is very important to get into a good rhythm. If you do not jump well around there and make a mistake or two, you will find that your chance can slip away very easily as there is no let up to reel them back in again.

From the third-last fence it is a very fast finish, so it is tough to come from behind from that point.