Track info

County: Waterford

Soil Type: Brown Earth - coarse loamy

Fences per circuit: 5

Fences per 3 mile race: 14

Direction: Right-Handed

Course Distance:

Elevation Change (Highest to Lowest Point):


Dungarvan has hosted point-to-point racing since 1942, however, in that time, the course layout has changed a number of times and even included a figure-of-eight configuration at one point.

The layout of this right-handed configuration was not used between 2016 and 2022 but returned in 2023. Most recently, the course has been run left-handed with a separate finishing chute running alongside the viewing hill which is synonymous with the track.

Aintree Grand National winner Montys Pass is the courses star graduate, alongside Grade 1 winner winners Jessies Dream and Pandorama.


Dungarvan has been a very happy hunting ground for myself. It is run on the grounds of my neighbour and brilliant trainer John Kiely, and was a figure of eight over the past few years, but for 2018, John decided to lay it out as a left-handed track, which was equally successful.

It is a very flat track that actually crosses his gallop. The pace of the races tends to be fast and the fences come up quickly. You need a handy position around here and I think it is a track that will throw up plenty of track winners as you need to jump and travel.

The run to the finish veers off the main track and with a good furlong and a half of a run-in from the back of the last, so you need a horse with courage and heart to see it out.