Track info

County: Cork

Soil Type: Brown Podzolic - coarse, loamy

Fences per circuit: 5

Fences per 3 mile race: 15

Direction: Right-Handed

Course Distance:

Elevation Change (Highest to Lowest Point):


Introduced in 2009, the picturesque seaside course at Inchydoney is a right-handed oblong track which is somewhat undulating.

Runners begin on the entrance to the back straight from where they race gradually uphill on the good run to fence one, which is one of two fences taken along the back straight. There is a slight right-handed kink between fences one and two with the gradual climb continuing all the while.

After jumping fence two and making their way to the end of the back straight, the runners race right-handed into the home straight, climbing once again to the top of the hill. Once making their way through the gap, they reach the highest point in the home straight, and it is only from this point that the fences in this part of the course come into the vision of the runners, as it marks the beginning of a notable descent to the finishing line.

In total, three fences are in the home straight, with the latter two, fences four and five, coming up in quite quick succession. There is then a short run-in to the winning post, with the rate of the descent increasing once again around the bend that brings them back to their starting point. In all, five fences are jumped on each of the three circuits.


Inchydoney is probably one of the most unique tracks in Ireland as it takes place on Inchydoney Island and usually draws a large crowd.

There is a steep downhill run after the winning post that is followed by a chicane bend on the back straight and a hairpin bend into the home straight. It is a track that tends to suit a well-balanced and experienced type of horse.

The fences come up very quickly around here and it is easy for a horse to make a mistake and be put out of its comfort zone. The pace is often quite fast around here and despite being a sharp track you actually need to stay well around here as a result.