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Once logged into their accounts, Members can access a number of the Members exclusive features from this Members Homepage by simply clicking on the category headings which are highlighted in ORANGE.

The remaining members features, are all conveniently accessed from the Fixtures page, pertaining to that particular race meeting.


There is a video library dating back to the 2007-08 season which covers a large number of races run in Irish Point-to-Point. Videos showing the last 90 seconds to two minutes of races are uploaded from those available Irish Point-to-Point race meetings, usually no later than Tuesday each week, with some videos posted online on the day of the race. Most people join to watch the latest videos, either to view a horse they owned, trained, rode or perhaps intent to buy. Point-to-Point enthusiasts and punters also subscribe to the members section to view races before making their bets.


RATINGS have the only Racings system for Irish Point-to-Points. Every horse that finishes a race in Point-to-Points receives a rating, as do final fence fallers.



This is an in-depth analysis of the season, showing the number of entries, runners, finishers, fallers and much more for each meeting. These records can also be accessed for previous seasons.



Basic riders and handlers’ tables are available to all site users, however members have access to the full analysis. This allows members to how many runners, winners, seconds, thirds, fallers etc.. that each rider (post-2000) and handler (post-2007) has had.



This is an in-depth form report for bookmarkers or punters alike, who want to carry out their homework on a particular meeting.



This is a very popular function within the members section. It allows members to look at a race in advance and view the runners based on the ratings which they have achieved on their previous six runs, whilst also displaying the best rating achieved by each horse. It is a quick report showing the riders, course, ground and much more for the previous runs and the rating achieved.



This allows members an in-depth search of our database where it possible to select a number of criteria to discover a range of interesting facts. For example, it is possible to select a rider and a course to discover how many winner they have ridden around that particular course. Another popular search also includes selecting a sire and ground conditions to see how many winners a chosen sire has had on a certain ground condition.






















This allows a member to select a Horse, Sire or Dam to be added to their personal track, and whenever there is an entry or result pertaining to their selection, we will send an automated email each week with a notification of the particular race and fixture details. This is useful for stallion owners to ensure that they do not miss any runners for the stallion’s progeny. It is also a particualy handy tool for punters who can select horses which they liked the way it ran and want to back it the next day. The email notification of entries will alert them when the horse is entered again.



This is a table which shows members which riders are in-form and which are not, based on the number of rides since their last winner.



In advance of each meeting there are certain members-only features available on the individual fixtures page of each meeting. These include all of the following:



This lists the previous winners of races at each meeting which has taken place at the course.



This shows which riders have had the most success at each individual course. It also allows members to discover which riders are most successful in the particular region, be it East, West, North or South.



Members can discover the percentage of winning favourite at the particular course.



This shows members all the important statistics relating to each particular course. They will see the ground conditions, average entries, number of runners and race times, for previous meetings at the course.



This is another popular feature amongst members as it allows them to view all entries for a meeting on one easy to read downloadable page.


























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