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Welcome boost for point-to-point owners and handlers

Owners and handlers have received a welcome boost, as Horse Racing Ireland has provided a refund on the administrative fees paid for horses that did not get to run during the curtailed 2019/2020 season.
With Covid-19 resulting in the season finishing after March 15, just under three months earlier than had been scheduled, the Point-to-Point Handlers Association made a submission to the IHRB seeking a refund of the Hunter Certificate fees for those horses which did not get to run due to the pandemic. 
Following a request from the Stewards of the INHSC to Horse Racing Ireland, the national authority for thoroughbred racing in Ireland has agreed that the Hunter Certificate fees of 927 horses which did not get to run last season, will now be refunded to owners and handlers.
A total 144 handlers who did not have a runner during the 2019/20 season due to Covid-19, will also have their Handler Permit fees refunded.
Brian Kavanagh, CEO, Horse Racing Ireland, said: 
“HRI recognises the significant difficulties that the Point-to-Point sector faced due to the premature cancellation of the Spring Point-to-Point season and was therefore fully supportive of the proposal to refund the cost of Hunter Certificates and Handlers’ Permits for those horses and handlers that were denied an opportunity of using them.”
Paul Murtagh, Registrar of the INHS Committee, said:
“The Stewards of the Irish National Hunt Steeplechase Committee are conscious of the financial difficulties which many Stakeholders in the Industry have experienced because of the early cancellation of the Spring Season on the 2nd April due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.”


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Full provisional summary published for autumn

There has been an increase in four-year-old mares' maidens, while Oldcastle will play host to the €5,000 bonus race. 

Cabinet pauses move to phase 4 for three weeks

The current cap on attendances for outdoor events remains at 200, with the move to 500 to be reviewed later this month. 

Meath and Tara Point to go ahead in Tattersalls Farm

The committee have hosted their Autumn point-to-point at Dowth Hall in recent years. 


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