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NEXT GEN | Joanne Corish

Name: Joanne Corish
Age: 24
From: Kilmore, Wexford
First Winner:  Old Style Humor

How did you get started with horses? 
Both of my parents have horses, and my grandparents were also into horses, so I have grown up riding horses. I compete in eventing and have competed at an international level when representing Ireland at a World Championship back in 2021.
What is your first racing memory?
Going to our local point-to-point which would be Lingstown when I was about five. It is only five minutes up the road from our homeplace and Mum and Dad would always bring me to watch.
Who are you primarily based with?
I am based with Cormac Doyle in the morning's and in the evening's, and I ride out for a few other trainers. 
Do your family have a background in the sport?
Yes, my grandfather would have trained a good bit years ago and dad trains and owns a few pointers also.
What was it about racing that was the attraction?
When I first started riding out it was just to see what it was like but then when I started schooling, I absolutely loved it and said I would love to give race riding a go!
I had a very good eventer who won a few three-star events and had previously won pointing. He was my whole world and made me really want to give race riding a go so I went and started riding out for Brian Jordan.

How did you come about riding for Sean Doyle?
Sean was very good to let me ride Old Style Humor, himself and Cormac are brothers, their yards are right beside each other so I asked him for the ride, and he said yes. 
Were any of your family there on the day?
My mum and dad were there as dad had two mares running as well, I rode one for him and finished fifth, and his other one finished sixth.

They had both been off for a long time and needed the run, so it was a busy day for the family!


What is the plan for Old Style Humor going forward?
He will probably go for a little break now which he definitely deserves and then run again in a few weeks, he has been running every other weekend so will need the freshen up he has a new jockey every week and has given plenty of riders in the yard opportunities which is great and so he may go for another winners' race or an open next 
What are your ambitions for the rest of the season?
Id love to get a few more rides and ride more winners. With my eventing background I would love to ride in the banks race around Lingstown or at Knockanard.

What is your favourite track to ride around?
Definitely Lingstown, I got to ride around the banks course last year and I would love to give that another go!
What is the best horse you have ever rode in a race or just riding out?
I used to ride out Barry The Butcher for Cormac - he’s probably the best horse I’ve ridden in my life, I loved him, he could jump, he could gallop, and he won his four-year-old maiden very well.

He is probably going to be very successful and I was very lucky to ride him, he’s definitely one to keep an eye out for in the future! 

Do you have any horses yourself?
I have a few horses that I have just started getting fit again for the eventing season coming up and we have five pointers riding out at home also, so I am kept busy. 
Who would be your biggest influence in racing?
My own work colleagues are fantastic, I work with Jack Hendrick who is a fantastic jockey and I am lucky enough to watch him ride every day.

I would also look up to Rachael Blackmore, Maxine O’Sullivan, Aine O’Connor and Moira McElligott - they are all great ladies in racing to look up to.

Do you have any interests outside of racing?
I would be very interested in fashion, my aunty works in it so in my spare time I would help her at fashion shows and do a bit of modelling.

Is there another young rider that you think people should watch out for?
Ross Sugrue. He also rode his first winner on Sunday and it was so well deserved, he’s been waiting a long time for it and he’s an excellent rider he just needs to get the rides on better horses to help him. 

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