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Next Gen | Patrick Cody

Name: Patrick Cody

Age:  18

From: Dunamaggin, Kilkenny

Patrick Cody registered his first point to point winner at Tattersalls in December when guiding the Ellmarie Holden trained Hitak to victory.

How did you get involved with horses?

We always had horses at home growing up, my mother and father both used to ride in races.  They have always broken and pre-trained horses and they have also trained a few for point-to-points.

I did a lot of showjumping, hunting and hunter trials when I was younger.  When I find the time I still hunt with the Mullinavat Harriers.  My mother would still keep hunters and would buy and sell them.

Where are you working at present?

I am in Joseph O’Brien’s five days a week and then I do a day a week with Kieran Purcell.  Kieran is only 15 minutes down the road from me, my father works with Kieran.  He has been with him for the last 15 years or so.

Do you ride out for anyone else?

I ride a bit of work from time to time for Garett Power and my uncle Ray Cody.

Where did the connection with Ellmarie Holden come from?

My uncle and my cousin used to work for Ellmarie and we break all of Ellmarie’s store horses at home here. So we would have broken the likes of Jonbon and Sir Gerhard.

Ellmarie is also quite local to us, only about 15 minutes down the road.

When did you find out you were riding Hitak?

I found out on the Friday before is all, I rang her and asked could I ride him and she very kindly said yes.

Did you know much about the horse?

I had never sat on him before but Ellmarie told me all about him.

Were you hopeful of a big run?

She thought that he might take the run because he was off the track for a long time but thankfully it all worked out.

Do you think he will stay pointing or will he return to the track?

Hopefully he will run in a winners race and I might get to keep the ride on him but I don’t know!

I know you had a track winner before how did this winner compare?

It was a very good feeling again to do it, to get my first point-to-point winner was just as good as when I got my first winner.

Were any of your family there for the win on Sunday?

My father actually led him up on the day which was special and my sister and my girlfriend were also there on the day it was great.

I know you and your family took part in Irelands Fittest Family a couple of years ago, how did you find that?

It was a great experience to be on the telly and with all the television crew it was some experience.  It was great to do it with my family.

We still watch it every year as a family, it’s a great programme.

What are your ambitions for this season?
Just to try and get a few more outside rides and hopefully get another winner or two, I’d be happy with that.

Is there any upcoming riders that we should be keeping an eye on?

I think David Doyle is a very good rider, I would have only got to know him recently and I think he’s definitely a rider to keep an eye out for.

Any horses to follow from Joseph’s for the season?

There is a nice filly there by Milan, Atlantic Express, I think she goes well and would be one to keep an eye on, she has yet to run.

Who is your biggest influence in racing?

Probably my mother and father to be honest with you, they have done everything with me all along. They have taught me a lot.  

As they were both jockeys before, it’s great to get their advice on race riding.  My uncle Ray who also rode in races is great to give me advice.  I rode out sometimes in the evenings for him, breaking horses.  

Have you any interests outside of racing?

Not really, horse take up too much of my time it’s all racing.

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