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Next Gen | Alice Power

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Name: Alice Power

Age: 22
From: Lemybrien
It was a day to remember for Waterford native Alice Power who partnered her first point-to-point winner aboard Dr Robin at Dromahane, carrying the colours of her mother Helen.
How did you get involved with horses? 

I was born into it really, Dad used to train a few horses for the track and for point-to-points. My mother rode in point-to-points and my uncle Evan is training in Wales. 
My mother taught me to ride at home. I started with ponies then did hunting with the Lismore Harriers and did a lot of fun rides. It progressed then to riding out racehorses at home when I was fourteen. 
It was always the plan that I would do something with horses. I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do, but at the moment I’m loving making a go of it as an amateur.
Do you work full-time at Paul Kiely’s Hunter’s Lodge?
I’m at Paul Kiely’s every morning and then I try to school for as many people as I can in the evenings.
Paul has been a great support to me.

His wife Rachel and the whole family have been very good, and they just want the best for you.
How did you start riding out at Hunter’s Lodge?

It was after the summer and I was looking for somewhere to go, I wasn’t sure where the right place was to go.
I had spent time with the Doyle’s in Wexford, and I then went to Joseph O’Brien’s for the summer. 
I had been riding out at Paddy and David Kiely in the afternoons at one stage. They would be local to me at home.
They said it to me to try Paul Kiely as David was going in there as well. I started going in one day a week and ended up going there every morning.
Is Dr Robin a family-owned horse?

Yeah, Peter Bowen very kindly gave him to us. Sean Bowen recommended him to my granny, who lives in Wales.

He thought he would be a nice lady's point-to-pointer. So, he told her he would suit me or my cousins. They didn’t want him at the time, so we said we would take him!
What is he like at home?

I get to ride him out every day, it’s great, he’s a star. He minds himself and he minds me, he’s not quirky or anything, he’s very straightforward. 
Do you know what the plan for Dr Robin is now?

I’m sure he will go for another open soon as long as the ground doesn’t get too fast for him. 
Did you get some kick out riding your first point-to-point winner?

Yes, I did, it was brilliant! I rode a track winner last month but to get my first point-to-point winner was very special.

It's where my roots are, Mam and Dad are mainly point-to-point people, and my grandparents were as well. 
Were your family there on the day? 
My parents were there, and my youngest brother was there as well. They got a great buzz from it.
We couldn’t believe it really, that he was so willing on the day because he has gotten a bit smart. An older horse like him tend to get a bit smart.

We were delighted that he was so confident in himself. 
Is there someone that you regularly seek advice from? 
Yeah, Paul is great to give advice. I've learned a lot from him since I started here, I love it here. 
Paul rode as an amateur before he got hurt, I’m sure he would have wanted to stay riding for longer but the advice he gives is just second to none. 
Did you walk the track with someone? 

No, I walked it on my own. I rode The Dancing Farrier at Dromahane before he went back to the track. It’s a lovely track.
What’s the best advice you have been given?

I might take a minute to think about this one!
You can't make things happen - you can't make a horse travel comfortably under you if it's just not working out.
Was it always your plan to take out your license?

It wasn’t until my fourth year in school when I was starting riding out properly at home and for other people, riding work etc., that's really when I got the taste for it. I just really wanted to give it a go then.
I took out my license three years ago. I only got the tail end of my first season, and it was Dr Robin who I rode that season. 
What are your ambitions for the remainder of the season?  

To get more outside rides. If I could ride another few winners, it would be great. But to get more outside rides and get more experience hopefully. 
Who is your biggest influence in racing?

It would have to be Rachael Blackmore. I know it is cliché, but she is the right person to look up to, she sets the standard.
Have you any hobbies outside of racing?

Yeah, I like going to the pool and when the sea gets a bit warmer, I like to go for sea swims. 
I enjoy running as well when I can. 

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